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Our staff have been personally selected by us not only on the basis of their experience and ability to deliver a high quality service but on their commitment to our values and ethos. When we are recruiting we ask ourselves;


Would we want this person in our relatives home, offering companionship to someone who is very important to us?


Can this person work in a kindly and respectful manner at the pace set by the client ? Will this person be able to empathise with a client and give the level of attention to detail in their work necessary to promote a client’s wellbeing?


We interview all prospective staff, take up references and insist on background checks through Disclosure Scotland. All staff must successfully complete a probationary period.



Staff Training

We meet regularly as a team to train together and provide additional training to staff on a one to one basis as required. This enables us to ensure that we are providing a consistently high level of service that meets both the needs of our clients and is in line with the standards and values set by the business.


We have developed our own training materials which form the basis for the training which all new staff must successfully undertake prior to starting work with clients.


All new staff shadow an experienced member of staff for a minimum period of two weeks as part of their induction training and work alongside an experienced member of staff for the first month of their employment.

We hold team meetings on a 4-6 weekly basis. We also distribute a two weekly email update on the activities of the business which all staff contribute to. Regular supervision is provided for all staff.



As a company we are committed to continuously improving our services and keep up to date with new developments in approaches to working with older adults. We seek to encourage a culture of lifelong learning and our staff are encouraged and supported to seek additional training opportunities as appropriate to the business.



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