COVID19 Update

In light of the emerging information on Covid-19 we took the decision in early March 2020, ahead of the Government announcement that a national period of ‘lockdown’ was to be implemented, that in order to safeguard the health and well -being of our clients, our staff and the wider community we would not take on any new clients and that we would not recruit any new staff members.


We appreciate that the past few months have been a difficult and anxious time for everyone and we are grateful to all of our clients and their families for their support and understanding. We have been impressed by how well our clients have managed and with everyone’s good humour and patience in coping with the difficult restrictions that have been placed upon us all.


From the beginning of July 2020 we have been gradually returning to our normal level of service, in line with Government Guidelines, and we are pleased to announce that we are now taking on new clients.


Visit Arrangements


Given our background in the Health Service we have always taken infection control extremely seriously. We are in the fortunate position that given the length of time our clients like us to visit them and the fact that we are a small privately run business, we are able to ensure that our staff do not visit more than three clients in any one day. This allows us to provide the same staff for our clients on a regular basis, which we know from the feedback we have received from our clients, is so very important to them.


Our normal practice has always been for our staff to remove their company tabard and outdoor shoes as they enter a home and to put on a fresh tabard and indoor shoes. Our staff have always prioritised hand washing both on entry and when leaving a client’s home.


We have however reviewed our practices in response to Covid -19 and all of our staff have received additional training specifically in relation to Covid-19.


In addition to the measures we have always had in place our staff will now be wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE); facemasks, gloves and disposable aprons. These will be changed as will staff clothing between client visits. Staff will be using hand sanitiser which is of hospital grade standard. All of our staff have their own car. The cars that we will use to take our clients out to essential appointments, visits etc will be regularly ‘fogged’ (sprayed) with an antiviral spray.


We kindly ask that while we are visiting where possible social distancing is maintained, that windows are kept open to allow for a free circulation of air and internal doors are kept open to minimise the need to touch door handles.



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